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If I search the languages of your world, I cannot find the words that can convey the Love that I feel for you. I cannot find the words that can convey unto you the Love that God has for all of us. I cannot find a concept, a word, an idea, a philosophy or a dogma that can contain the mystery that is closer to you than your own breath and awaits your discovery.

If I search throughout all of creation, if I search through the many mansions that exist within the domains of my Father's creation--and that creation is infinite--try as I might, I cannot discover anything that can truly describe you. I cannot find anything that is of greater value than you. In truth, I cannot discover anything that speaks more eloquently of the Love that God is than your very existence. Therefore, in truth, I look upon you constantly, and marvel at the radiance of my Father's Love. It is through you that I come to discover all that God is.  

(Jeshua - The Way of Mastery, P24)
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Quotes from "The Way of Mastery" are with permission from the Shanti Christo Foundation.